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Top 5 Insane Cannabis Facts You Should Know

I’m assuming if you’re here you like smoking pot! Just a wild guess. It’s almost a tradition to talk about marijuana’s history when you and a couple people are toking up. Next time you find this happening to you, show off and spout out these 5┬ácannabis facts! B.C. in Canada is basically a huge grow […]

How to make CBD oil

How To Make CBD Oil

How To Make CBD Oil CBD oil is becoming more popular as we learn more about it. The health benefits we are uncovering are amazing. There are a few ways you can make your own. Each has their own pros and cons. Either way you should know how to make CBD oil on your own. […]

Feminized Marijuana Seeds – Buy Seeds Online

how to grow weed

Feminized Marijuana Seeds A lot of growers don’t like spending time sorting out genetics. To help save some time most start with feminized marijuana seeds. As the name suggests these seeds are always female plants. They are specially bred by the distributor. Using only feminized seeds ensures your crop is sensimilla, which means all female. […]

Dope Seeds – Buy Dope Seeds Online

Dope Seeds If you want some dope buds you have to start with some dope seeds. Don’t brush over the most important step in growing. Before we get started here is a few things you should remember. Nobody has ever been arrested for buying seeds anywhere in the world Growing your own marijuana will only […]

7 Facts about cannabis you didn’t know

Cannabis is not only a huge part of North American culture, but the whole world. Most users don’t educate themselves. here are just seven interesting facts about cannabis. -The first recorded use of cannabis is 2727 B.C from a Chinese emperor The emperor allegedly recorded himself using marijuana for medicinal use. -On average cannabis users […]

5 Safest Sites To Buys Seeds Online

safest sites

Safest Sites to Buy Seeds Online A lot of you are wanting to start a garden with good genetics, but are afraid to take that leap and get your seeds from an online source. Honestly you shouldn’t be too worried because any distributor worth their salt is going to offer discreet shipping, which is pretty […]

How To Breed Marijuana

how to breed marijuana

HOW TO BREED MARIJUANA Breeding marijuana is an advanced skill. This tutorial assumes you already know how to grow weed. If you are a beginner, or just want to sharpen up your skills, read — HOW TO GROW WEED Cannabis breeders are known worldwide for their powerful and beautiful strains. If you are confident enough […]

How To Grow Weed

How To Grow Weed

How To Grow Weed Growing marijuana is a relatively easy thing to get the hang of. While it does take time and patience for a beginner, growing weed is one of the most rewarding, spiritual, and fun hobbies there is. Seeing the small seedlings turn into beautiful bushes with stinky buds everywhere is a great […]