Top 5 Insane Cannabis Facts You Should Know

I’m assuming if you’re here you like smoking pot! Just a wild guess. It’s almost a tradition to talk about marijuana’s history when you and a couple people are toking up. Next time you find this happening to you, show off and spout out these 5 cannabis facts!

B.C. in Canada is basically a huge grow house.

cannabis facts

Cannabis Facts

Local authorities say that 1% of homes in B.C. is a grow house. Now you may be thinking “well that’s not a lot” but trust me, that is a LOT. That means that 1 out of every 100 houses is a grow house. That means that statistically there is at least one on every single street!

Marijuana has healed cancer before!

Cannabis Facts

Cannabis Facts

Yes it’s true! In the mid-70’s the FBI held it’s own experiments on marijuana. All of the documents are available online. During this time after intensive research, scientists discovered a way to use the CBD’s to cure pancreatic and skin cancer. The experiment’s funding was cut eventually, so who knows what kind of medicine we would have today if it wasn’t.

This cannabis fact will change everything

Cannabis Facts

Out of all of these cannabis facts this is probably my favorite one. I’m positive you have heard the following before. “Marijuana kills your brain cells that’s a fact”. Guess what. That’s a lie to. During the same FBI trials previously mentioned there was another group of scientists who ran a sick experiment. Every day these jerks would force feed 30 columbian strength joints through a gas mask. All of a sudden they noticed the brain cells had started dying. So they wrote down that as a statistic so they could point to it and say marijuana kills brain cells. But that’s not exactly correct. Most people know from a swimming class or life in general, after four minutes without oxygen your brain cells start to die off. This is the same with prime apes. If you ever smoked out of a gas mask you could answer what’s the one thing you don’t have? Oxygen. The experiment itself was killing the brain cells not the marijuana.

Smoking increases sex drive

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Cannabis Facts

Studies have shown that people certainly feel more “frisky” when they are high. For men, It also increases your bodies testosterone production, even further increasing sex drive. Next time you bring a date over save the champagne for a more serious occasion and blaze a spliff.

Cannabis can make you smarter.


Now this one isn’t for everyone. Research shows that on average most people score higher on their S.A.T when they are high. Contrary to popular belief marijuana makes the user more focused and actually it’s theorized that your brain can store more information while high.

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