Growing Medical Cannabis

Growing medical cannabis is a bit different than growing cannabis for recreation. Medical patients rely on high quality herb to ease their symptoms. No shortcuts can be taken during any stage of the growing. In short, medical patients need the best of the best. Even if you aren’t a patient learning to grow with medicinal strains can sharpen your skill. This tutorial assumes that you know the basics of growing marijuana. If you are new you should read How To Grow Weed .

Choosing the strain

grow medicinal cannabis

how to grow medicinal cannabis

Usually a grower picks a strain to use with a specific goal in mind. It may be more yield, more potency, etc. The same is true when growing medical cannabis. To decide which strain to go with think about what the problem you face is. Do you need more sleep? Are you not eating enough? Do you sit on the couch too much? Many online seed dispensaries will let you know what strains will combat these issues or at least tell you which strains they have are medicinal. If you are growing for pain relief higher amounts of T.H.C is always a plus.

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Setting up the grow

The difference between growing recreationally and growing for medicinal purposes starts here. You could easily grow an outdoor medicinal garden and many do. However, if you are very serious about your health and what goes into your herb than I suggest you do an indoor garden. Growing indoors gives you 100% control over the environment that your herb grows in.

That being said setting up a medicinal indoor grow should be treated differently as well. Two full weeks before you start your grow clean the entire area with lysol disinfectant spray. Make sure for the next two weeks the room is well ventilated. Once the time has passed you can start by making sure all of the items, pots, surge protectors, light hoods and anything else that can be disinfected has been. If you are using a closet keep the room it is in as clean as possible at all times, especially during the setup. Once you set up the room how you want it with the lights and etc, you will have to provide much cleaner air than a regular indoor garden. To do this you should provide a carbon filter system. These can be bought on the internet. Building one is hard and not recommended, but possible.

You will also have to be sure that the water you are using remains clean at all times. To do this you could use a solid black bucket with an aquarium air stone in it as your reservoir. This way algae and other bacteria cannot develop.

After growing medical cannabis

As you may or may not know drying, trimming, and curing marijuana are all important steps. These steps should not be taken lightly whatsoever. The main difference here is that for serious growers and patients if you want the very best quality herb then you should cure your buds for a minimum of four months. This will ensure that all of the starches have been turned into aroma and potency.


In conclusion

whether you are growing product for a dispensary or personal use, please make sure to take extra care when growing for medicinal uses. Marijuana does save lives so please take care of those who rely on it to do just that. Thank you for reading and I hope this article was helpful to you.

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