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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A lot of growers don’t like spending time sorting out genetics. To help save some time most start with feminized marijuana seeds. As the name suggests these seeds are always female plants. They are specially bred by the distributor. Using only feminized seeds ensures your crop is sensimilla, which means all female. This is what you want because female plants produce the high amounts of T.H.C that gets you high.

Choosing Your Strain

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

As always your strain is really important. You must put a lot of thought into this step. Skimming over it will lead to undesired results. Decide what you want to be the highlight of your plant. Seed banks will tell you which ones yield more, and which ones are more potent. It’s all up to you but do remember to take the size of your grow room into account.

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Growing Your Seed

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Growing feminized marijuana seeds is easier in some ways. You know it will be female, so you should take as many clones as you can before you flower. Taking clones from feminized seeds will save you loads of money in the future. This type of seed is also ideal if you want to try sea of green. The only down side is that you can’t do any breeding, so you are stuck with your genetics.

Cannabis cultivation is not easy. If you don’t know the basics of growing try a google search. Also you can read our guide on How To Grow Weed 

Where To Get Seeds

Any seed bank you find online will offer feminized marijuana seeds. Sometimes one site will have a strain that’s feminized while another doesn’t, so stay alert. You can do a google search for seed banks or you can check out the seeds we offer through our partners HERE.

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