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Dope Seeds

If you want some dope buds you have to start with some dope seeds. Don’t brush over the most important step in growing. Before we get started here is a few things you should remember.

  • Nobody has ever been arrested for buying seeds anywhere in the world
  • Growing your own marijuana will only be fruitful if done correctly

Selecting Your Strain

Dope Seeds

Dope Seeds

To choose what strain you want to grow consider your goals. Are you trying to get a huge yield? are you going strictly for Indica strains? Make sure you figure these things out before you just throw any old seed in the soil. Any seed bank will provide the details you need. This will include the average yield, height, potency, and the genetic makeup of the plant. Also don’t be afraid to look at some variations of popular strains. Almost every online seed bank has their own variation of White Widow for instance. Some variations produce more and are less potent while some increase on the level of potency the OG strain had. There are all kinds of strains out there so don’t settle on the first one you see with pretty colors. Most sites will give away free seeds with every order so those are always great. The only issue with that is if it is a “random free seed” you won’t know the specs of it so you will have to be experienced. This is a really fun way to find new genetics though so eventually you should try it out for laughs. The strain you choose to grow will pretty much determine the success of your garden. If you decide to go with bag seed then you won’t be as satisfied.

Narrow your search and get our FREE medical strain bible for a list of some of the worlds most potent strains.

Growing Your Dope Seeds

Dope Seeds

Dope Seeds

Marijuana cultivation is an acquired skill and takes a few rounds of practice.

Start by germinating the seeds you get. To do this you can use one of a couple popular methods. One of my favorite is to just put the seed in a glass of water and let it go. Another way would be to put the seeds onto a wet paper towel, fold the paper towel over and place that in a plastic container. A freezer bag will work just fine.

After you germinate your seed the next step would be to take proper care of it during the vegetative stage by keeping it on a regular feeding schedule that works. Look out for signs of over watering and under watering and adjust accordingly.

If you are growing indoor you will decide when the flowering stage begins by cutting the light cycle to 12 hours on 12 hours off. If you are growing outdoor the plants will start to flower naturally. Look for either white hairs shooting out or yellowish pollen sacs to form. The white hairs means it is female the sacs mean its male and both means its a hermaphrodite.

Once it comes time to harvest you are going to have to learn when the best time to harvest for that strain is, and also how to dry and cure the buds.

There is loads of information online, or you can read my in-depth guide on How To Grow Weed. It is more than just putting seeds in dirt. If you don’t know what you are doing, take a second and learn.

Where to Get Seeds

Make sure you check out the difference between regular seeds, feminized marijuana seeds, and auto flowering cannabis seeds, if you don’t already know what they are.

You can probably guess that feminized seeds are guaranteed female seeds.

And it won’t take you long to figure auto flowering strains flower automatically even inside. Even on a 24 hour lights on schedule.

You can find a lot of highly reputable “seed banks” online. Pretty much all of them offer guaranteed discreet delivery. This is usually a package that comes in a DVD case or something similar. If customs intercepts your package don’t worry! You will get a blue note in the mail asking you to contact customs and claim the package. Obviously don’t contact them. All you have to do is contact the seed distributor instead and ask for a replacement package. They will send another package free. Been there and done that.

There are tons of online seed shops so there shouldn’t be a shortage of info. Try checking a google search if you would like. Browsing through these can almost be as much fun as growing the plant. You can check out some of the seeds we offer through our partners HERE

Don’t forget to search around for what you need. There are deals all over. The smartest thing you can do is look at what you have now. Are you really experienced? If not maybe try some bag seed grows until you get better. Are you going to grow indoor? In this case you’d better do some research on how to get rid of aroma.

The point is don’t just look at some sexy bud pictures on the internet and think you can immediately grow like the pros. You will end up wasting a lot of your own money and time. Believe it or not banks don’t give out loans for your home grow. Guess who has to pay for all the soil. You. High quality seeds? Cheap wouldn’t be the best word to describe those. Really invest some time into learning before you try to implement your skill. Check out grow logs and tutorials on blogs and YouTube.

Once you figure out how to grow correctly you will be surprised at what you can produce. But this is only going to be effective if you start with great cannabis seeds. Everything from smell to ounces depends on what strain you choose so you really need to go out and get yourself some seeds that have all the details available to you instead of just guessing.


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