Cannabis Grow Guide Indoor


Indoor marijuana has more potency and fresher aromas. One of the coolest chores to add to your daily routine would be to water a beautiful bush of weed, admit it! Fold up all the clothes hanging in your closet, stuff them in your drawer and make some space because today I’m going to show you my how to grow weed indoors. Thank you for reading cannabis grow guide indoor, let’s dive right in.

Choose Your Medium

Are you going to grow in soil or hydroponically?

If you are growing in soil then you need to get enough soil ready. Whatever you choose to grow in whether it be pots, or improvised pots (i.e. trash cans 2 litre’s etc) Has to be full. The roots are going to get big so you need as much soil as you can fit.

If you are growing hydroponically then you need to get some lava rock or rockwool, depending on what system you use.

Buy Your Seeds

Cannabis Grow Guide Indoor

Cannabis grow guide indoor

It’s time to work out the genetics in your garden.

If space isn’t a huge issue I suggest buying feminized seeds so you can grow one and save the rest. You can just clone the first one because you know it will be a female. As long as you have space for the clones of course.

The seeds you use are entirely up to what you want so make sure to do some shopping around and find what is best for you. Remember your maximum potential yield and maximum potency is all dependent on the strain you choose.

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Buy Your Nutrients

Make sure you put your plants on a strict feeding schedule and track your pH levels.

If you are growing in soil you want you pH to be 6-7

If you are growing hydroponically you want your pH to be 5-6.5.

Marijuana needs high amounts of Nitrogen(N) Phosphorous(P) and Potassium(K) to thrive correctly. Feeding charts are available but to get the most from your specific strain you have to experiment slightly.

cannabis grow guide indoor

cannabis grow guide indoor

Plant Those Seeds

Germinate the seeds you have by placing them into a glass of water or a wet paper towel and observing for a few days until white tails pop out. At this point plant them in your medium about a fingernail deep.

In the beginning you want to keep the light schedule set so that your lights are on for 18 to 24 hours a day. This will ensure that your plants will stay in the vegetative cycle as long as you need. This is a great convenience for a grower who wants to do a lot of pruning or cut clones.


Pruning marijuana plants is pretty much just like pruning any other plant. If you didn’t know, to prune a weed plant you just pull off a new chute and two more will come on the side of that. When the two leaves spread apart from the stem and a new chute starts to grow up out of that, pick it off. Repeat this each time more come and you can quickly multiply the amount of top buds you are going to have. 1 turns to 2,4,8,16,32,64,128 really quickly as you can see. It is not a hard thing to do and it’s the only way you are going to grow huge bushy plants.


Cloning is also fairly easy to do but hard to explain, so I will refer you to somewhere I already explained it in the links section at the bottom.


For your plant to produce buds and show sex you need to change the light cycle to 12/12. That is 12 hours on and 12 hours off so the braniacs don’t have to pull out their calculators. This is going to simulate the change of seasons and light cycles in nature to your plant.

If it show white hairs it is a female.

If it shows pollen sacks it is a male and should be removed unless breeding is a goal. More on breeding HERE.

Females are all the rage. They are the ones that produce the super high T.H.C crystals we crave. Plus without any males around the will not have any seeds at all.

Although a harvest seems like the easiest part of a grow, it is anything but. At first glance you think that it would be easy to cut down and clean a plant. Well if you really think that I know for a fact you have never grown before, or at least you haven’t trimmed.

After you cut down your plants you have to dry and cure them. Before you do that though you have to trim them.

Once you get the buds off of the plant you trim them right away. Cut the “leftovers” off the bud and save them to make oils later. this is going to take you a LONG time so have a few rolled and a good mix on.

after you trim them you need to dry your buds. Just hang them up on hangers and put a low fan in the same room as them, but not right on them. Make sure moisture levels don’t rise. Then when you can bend the stems and hear a snap! They are dry.

Now you have to cure them. To cure the buds you put all of the dry product into a mason jar and let it out to breathe a few times a day. This dries the rest of the moisture out of your bud and gives it that nice smell.

cannabis grow guide indoor

cannabis grow guide indoor

Now you can finally sit back, relax, and smoke a doobie of the best stuff in the world, because you grew it.

Hope this tutorial helps somebody out there.




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