5 Safest Sites To Buys Seeds Online

Safest Sites to Buy Seeds Online

A lot of you are wanting to start a garden with good genetics, but are afraid to take that leap and get your seeds from an online source. Honestly you shouldn’t be too worried because any distributor worth their salt is going to offer discreet shipping, which is pretty much guaranteed to make it here. Also something else you should remember if you are in the states, Nobody has ever been arrested for buying seeds online. Even the authorities know showing up at your door gung-ho because you may or may not have seeds is ridiculous. If they get caught at customs, they will be tossed and you will get sent an intimidating letter, in which case you throw said letter away and contact the seed bank for your replacement. Simple. Either way I have done a bit of research and have compiled a list of 5 of the safest sites to buy seeds online.

  1. ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

Buy Marijuana Seeds - USA shipping

Just like all of the options here today, ilovegrowingmarijuana.com has free stealth shipping. Usually the seeds are placed into dvd or movie cases. DELIVERY IS GUARANTEED. That way you don’t have to worry at all!

2. myweedseeds.com

Quality Cannabis Seeds MyWeedSeeds.com

This is easily one of the safest sites to buy seeds online. Here you can buy from a large range of genetics and pay with bitcoin. Also you can have it shipped to your house quickly and discreetly.

3. SensiSeeds.com
Cannabis Seeds

Sensi seeds is one of the oldest seed banks online. Every purchase is secure, and guaranteed. This is a great site to use if you are looking to breed out some medicinal genetics.

4. WeedSeedShop.com

Weed Seed Shop - Feminized cannabis seeds

This one is a cool site altogether. The way they organize their products so they can be found so easily by anyone should be studied by every website owner in the world. If this was a review I would give the site a five out of five.

5. Dutchseedshop.com

safest sites to buy seeds online

Dutch seed shop is by far one of the sites with the widest variety online.  You get 20 free seeds with every order and they come fast.


So whether its free seeds or valuable genetics you are after, you can get whatever you need online and should not be worried one bit. While owning seeds is not going to get you in trouble, people have been in a lot of trouble for growing weed. Just be very smart and follow along with me for just a few minutes here.

Want to get caught growing? Tell someone, It’s that simple.

I’m not done yet so I hope you’re still paying attention! For the police to get a warrant to search your home, they need evidence.

If you tell absolutely nobody, I mean not mom, not dad, not best friend for 3,000 years NOBODY, It is impossible for them to get evidence that you are growing.


Be smart guys please don’t end up behind bars because of your pride. Now that you know all of that check out my article


if you are just beginning then this article will help, If you are a pro then come sharpen your skills a bit.

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