How To Breed Marijuana


Breeding marijuana is an advanced skill. This tutorial assumes you already know how to grow weed. If you are a beginner, or just want to sharpen up your skills, read — HOW TO GROW WEED

Cannabis breeders are known worldwide for their powerful and beautiful strains. If you are confident enough in your skills to go to the next level then please read along and learn how to breed marijuana.

Breeding any type of plant out to a stable, consistent gene pool takes a lot of time. This is going to require patience, and sheer intelligence on your part. It is not as simple as putting a male next to a female. You have to put a lot of work and planning into this so get ready.

how to breed marijuana

how to breed marijuana


In the beginning you will probably want to start with seeds. It is important that you know the genetics of these seeds, so your only option is to buy them online or from a dispensary. You will want to know what percent of the strain is indica, sativa, and the expected potency etc. Make sure you don’t buy feminized seeds for breeding.

You want to plant every seed that you get of the two strains you want to mix, but you want to keep them seperate. Once you get to the flowering stage where you can see the sex, this is where the fun begins.

You want to be picky. Only pick the plants with strong branches, great buds, certain colors, or whatever genetic you want to bring out. once you narrow it down to your one male and one female you need to pollinate. Make sure you have clones of your seeds that are marked so you can have clones of the mom and dad.


Pollination should occur naturally during the flowering process, but it can be aided. You can take a branch from the male and shake it all over the female plant. This should work tremendously. Or, you could wrap a plastic bag around one of the male buds for a day, and the next day wrap it around one of your female buds. This is very easy to accomplish.

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how to breed marijuana

how to breed marijuana


Incest? Yes that is right. To carry out your genetics to a stable strain, you are going to want to incest. To do this, the seeds that you get from your first breed need to be planted. Once those are grown you do the same picking process as before, only the two with the most features you want. Then you will breed these two plants and grow another generation. This time, instead of picking two and breeding from this crop, you want to pick the best female and breed it back with the dad clone you kept so long ago, and pick the best male and breed it back with the mom clone. Then you need to grow all those seeds and pick one male or female from the moms side, and the opposite from the dads side and breed those two together. Then you just repeat the process until you are consistently getting the qualities you want in your strain. It sounds complicated, only because it is. Nobody said it was easy.

Once you get a stable strain you can move away from the original clones but in theory you should keep them forever to solidify your genetics.

This is pretty much all there is to it guys so I hope it was helpful and happy growing to all.

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