How To Grow Weed

How To Grow Weed

Growing marijuana is a relatively easy thing to get the hang of. While it does take time and patience for a beginner, growing weed is one of the most rewarding, spiritual, and fun hobbies there is. Seeing the small seedlings turn into beautiful bushes with stinky buds everywhere is a great feeling. Also growing your own medicinal marijuana can be an extremely helpful skill to learn, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Whatever reason you want to start growing, You’ll have to learn how to grow weed first. This article is going to be an in-depth introduction to growing marijuana, you will learn everything you need to know from seed to harvest. Get ready, strap in, and pack a bowl!



Marijuana can be grown either inside your home or outdoors. It can survive pretty much anything besides frost, but the plant thrives best at 75 degrees. To decide whether you want to grow weed indoor or outdoor, think about what you need to accomplish. Do you need to have full control over your crop at all times? Go indoor. Do you need a ton of weed for whatever reason? grow outdoor. Below I list some more attributes with each one, and you just choose which one better suits your situation.

  • Indoor
    • Full control over environment
    • You decide when the flowering period begins
    • More Secure (as long as you keep your mouth shut)
    • Keep Clones
    • More Potent


    • Unlimited Space
    • Bigger Plants
    • Bigger Buds
    • Natural Flower Cycle

These are just some of the key attributes off the top of my head. There are plenty more, and also plenty negatives about each as well.

how to grow weed

how to grow weed


Think of soil as your foundation when growing weed. Your seed or clone is going to have to start in something and if you are just beginning then soil is your best bet. You want your soil to have some substance to it not just fluff. You want to have something that holds water, but not for too long. It is a bit of a hard thing to explain so check out our soil suppliers and get a good idea of what you want.


Marijuana roots grow to be extremely large in many cases. Make sure you get a big enough pot to be able to support the plant size you need. Plant size is determined by strain, do research on seeds before you buy most sites will tell you what to expect with each strain.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to pots is 2 gallons for every month you are going to be growing the plant. When you grow weed, try and find pots that are taller than they are wide. This is because the roots will grow down a bit before they expand.

A lot of people are going to tell you to start in a small pot and trade up until you get to the biggest pot you plan on using, but that isn’t necessary. I have always planted in the biggest pots I can use right from the get go and have never had a problem. I have transplanted before and trust me, it is’t that fun.

Typically growers seem to use black pots but personally I prefer white pots. I like as much white as possible, in fact I once built a room where virtually everything inside was white (I even had white pieces of duct tape on top of every small thing that wasn’t white like the numbers on the timer, and paper plates over the soil) But you don’t have to go to that extreme.

Don’t buy the cheap flimsy plastic pots because you are going to have to replace them constantly if you are serious with growing. Buy yourself the sturdy plastic pots once and with proper care they can last a lifetime. Plus they come in a ton of groovy colors.

how to grow weed

how to grow weed


This step is hugely underestimated. Many novice growers got some good stuff and a seed came out so they save it in their drawer for two years and decide to grow it. More times than not the plant will turn out good, but nowhere near the quality of that bud they smoked all those moons ago.

This is because breeding is done on many different levels, some professional, and some not so much.  The strain you start with is a huge part of your operation, so you want all of the genetics to be engineered on the professional level, not by the guy in the basement.

That being said I would obviously suggest you buy your seeds online, but only from a discreet and secure source even if you live somewhere it is legal. It is just better that way. Also it helps protect your package from mail thieves, which are common in many countries.

I know it seems scary at first, but don’t worry. Millions of people do this everyday and most are in places where they should not be ordering seeds. Here is a little fact for you that you are welcome to check. Nobody in the U.S.A has ever been in trouble for buying seeds online! Go ahead google it. If your package gets seized by customs, all they are going to do is throw the seeds away and send the rest of what would have been your package. They will include a letter telling you that your product was seized, so then you just contact the seed bank and get a new set! Easy as pie. Of course all of the seeds that are featured on this site are shipped discreetly.

Each strain has different genetics and D.N.A structures. Whatever strain you choose make sure you make a note of the maximum yield potential so you can tell when you have hit a ceiling. This will help you when you are trying to develop a feeding schedule. Also, Maximum potency is another aspect to consider.

There are a few different types of genetics a seed can have which can be predetermined by the distributor. The two that stand out are Auto-flowering seeds and Feminized seeds.

Auto-flowering seeds do just what their name suggests. These are typically grown indoor and the grower does not have to change the light cycle to put the plant into the flowering stage. For the most part these are great for beginners and stealth growers. One of the biggest downfalls is that auto-flower strains tend to produce less bud.

Feminized seeds are weed seeds that are guaranteed to be female plants. These are great to start with because you can grow one and clone it and save the rest of the seeds for a rainy day. The reason growers prefer to have females or “sensimilia” is because seeds are not produced without males, and male marijuana plants do not produce high amounts of T.H.C. Don’t worry though you won’t have to be buying more and more seeds all the time, because I will teach you about cloning later on.

how to grow weed

how to grow weed


If you decide to grow weed indoors then you are going to need the proper light setup. The light you choose will determine how well your plants grow and how much of your yield potential you actually get.The main things you want to focus on are wattage and spectrum.

The ideal wattage is 1000+ but 250 and up won’t be a complete waste of time. The more wattage you use, the more weight you will get. The strain you use determines maximum yield, but you can only reach that with high wattage and proper feeding.

The spectrum you want changes through the stages you use, and is not an absolute. My favorite schedule is to use more red heavy lights in the vegetative state, and more blue in the flowering stage.

Since you are growing indoor, you will be in control of when your plant goes into the flowering stage. To do this, you need to use a timer. To keep your plant in vegetative stage keep the light on 18 to 24 hours a day. Your plant can grow in vegetative stage for a long time, forever in theory. The plant won’t show it’s sex or produce bud until you put it in the flowering stage. To do this you must cut the light schedule to a simple 12 hours on 12 hours off. Some people even start gardens with a bunch of seeds and do 12/12 from seed, which is possible, but really only practical if space is an issue.

(If you do choose to 12/12 from seed it will be very hard to get a clone)

There are quite a few different kinds of lights but there are three main options growers use today. CFL, LED, and HPS.

CFL or compact fluorescent lighting is a great option for beginners. These are those spiral lights you see everywhere now. The cool thing about these is if you use the small ones you find in a store then they rarely get hot. You can even let your plant touch a few of these bulbs with no harm. There are bigger grow light options, but all in all they are the same all the way around.

You might want to get a couple soft whites, and a couple cool whites and any other white color you can find to mix together and add it to the spectrum. The best way to see what light is what is to plug them in one at a time and look at them with sunglasses. You should be able to see what end of the spectrum it is on. You might see white, blue, green, red, or various other colors.

The issue with using the smaller bulbs is that they are low in wattage. When buying CFL’s make sure you read the actual wattage compared to the “looks like” wattage. It should be printed somewhere on the box. You have to use quite a few of them together to get a really good system together, unless you buy the bigger grow light specific options, which isn’t a bad idea.

LED lighting is very rapidly becoming one of the best ways to grow weed. The different colors cover the spectrum you need and the lights can be small and easy to handle. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and in case you have been living under a rock these are those lights with a ton of tiny bulbs next to each other that get incredibly bright. If you have any clue about how electricity works, you can go to lowes or home depot, buy a couple high wattage led lights on different spectrums, and wire them together very quickly and cheaply. These can be low profile or very large powerful systems so shop around for what you need.

HPS stands for High Pressure Sodium. These lights are big clear bulbs that get very hot and are extremely bright. This is typically what high producing gardeners use when they grow weed. This option is going to cost a bit more in electric but can get you to the 1000w+ mark in just one bulb. HPS bulbs require ballasts and proper wiring, so make sure that you do some research before you decide on this option.

Check out grow lights


Nutrients are another important step that gets overlooked by beginning growers. If you decide to go with soil then nutrients won’t be that big of an issue, but if you go with hydroponics, you are going to have to be very attentive. The three main nutrients you will need are Nitrogen (N) , Phosphate(P), and Potassium(K), each one more important in certain stages than others.

To put it as simple as possible, the vegetative stage needs high amounts of (N), the flowering stage needs high amounts of (K), and during every stage you need an amount of (P) that is lower than both the others. There are many ratios out there but that is the general idea of most of them.

You should be watering your plant when the soil is dry one inch down or up to your first knuckle. If it takes more than 4 days for your soil to get dry, you need to switch your soil.

available nutrients.


If you decided to grow your crop indoor then you are going to need to get some type of air circulating in whatever room you are using. Pretty much the idea here is the stronger the better but make sure the fan isn’t so wild that its dropping your temps. Circulating fans are the usual choice here due to there availability and practicality. You want to use a room that can have air come in from the outside, and old air on the inside gets cycled around and then pushed back outside. If you use a closet then leaving the door cracked when the lights are on should be ok as long as you have a fan in the closet.

Germinating seeds

Germinating seeds is one of the easiest things to do in the world, let alone when you are learning how to grow weed. all you do is drop your seeds into a glass of water, or keep them on a wet paper towel. They will sprout just about anywhere but if you want it to be quick you want them in darker rooms with warmer temps.

Within the next two to seven days your seeds will sprout out little white tails. At this point you want to put them into whatever medium you are using, soil or whatever, up to the beginning of your fingernail.

how to grow weed

how to grow weed


No matter where you grow marijuana you have to go through the vegetative stage first. During this stage your plant will grow from a seedling to a beautiful big and bushy plant. This is the stage you will be doing all the pruning and cloning. A general rule is to let your plant grow to half the height you want it to be in the end before you put it into flowering, if you have the option.


The flowering stage is obviously the most fun part of growing. In this stage you will start to get your beautiful buds and amazing aromas. This stage will also be the point in which sex is determined.

Male marijuana plants will have small pollen sack around where the buds start to form.

how to grow weed

how to grow weed

Female plants will have white hairs shoot out in and around where buds start forming.

how to grow weed

how to grow weed

The flowers are going to smell pretty potent so if you are growing indoor then you need to take measures to mask it unless your nearest neighbor is miles away. Most professional indoor growers use expensive carbon filters to stop the smell from reaching any nosy neighbors noses. If you have the funds then that is definitely the way to go.

If you are on a tight budget then don’t worry, you have options. Just think of everything you can and mix it all together. Candles, Plug-ins, Wax melts etc. I like to buy a bunch of cheap dryer sheets and stick them behind my fans guard so it blows all over the place.

Be creative I believe in you.


Getting a microscope is the only way for you to be able to tell for sure that your plants are ready for harvest. If you look at your buds closely you will be able to see small mushrooms! These are trichomes which is an active ingredient in marijuana. When 40-50% of these are amber then it is time to harvest.

How To Grow Weed

Harvesting is the grand finale. All of your hard work will finally culminate into top grade medicine. But wait you aren’t in the clear yet, you still have to cut trim dry and cure.

When you are cutting make sure you get everything you can smoke. When you cut, leave a small branch or space where you can hang the bud to dry. You are only focusing on cutting the buds off of the plant so don’t worry about fan leaves right now.

Once you finish cutting off the buds but before you hang them to dry, you have to trim them. Just know this. Everyone who grows weed hates trimming. It is not going to be fun and it has to be done. OK so now you know that here is how you do it. Cut off the leaves that hang off the side of the buds (save them). At the bottom of the buds cut of as much of the stem as close to the bud as possible. There should be no “claws” or sticks it is just a small stem poking out of the bottom at most.

After you finally finish trimming It is now time for you to hang and dry your buds. This is really a simple process just hang it somewhere dark, with good airflow, and leave it there until the bud is dry, usually takes a few days. Many growers use hangers to hang there buds or small twine. The buds will lose all of there water weight at this period so they will shrink considerably, don’t be alarmed. Once you can bend the stem and here a snap the buds are dry.

After your buds are dry it is time to start the curing process. To cure your buds you want to get as many mason jars as you need, (or sterilite tubs ;)) and you want to place your buds inside of them and keep the lid closed. Every single day about 4-5 times a day, open the jars, empty them out, play with the buds and rearrange them let them sit for about a half hour, and put them back in the jars. This is going to turn all of the sugars and starches in your bud into potency and aroma. DO NOT SKIP CURING. Your buds will end up dry, raspy, and un-smokable. It will burn a hole in your throat for sure. Plus it would be like Putting in a ton of work studying for a test for months on end, and then skipping the test. Just don’t waste your time and effort like that. If you push into your buds with a finger and the bud doesn’t sponge back out, it still needs to be cured. If you push in and it stays, it is probably good to smoke. Plus the smell should make it obvious when curing is finished.


Pruning is when you take the top of a chute off of your plant, and then two come out of that. It is a very common practice in gardening and not hard to understand.


Cloning sounds intimidating at first, but is really easy. All you have to do is take the tops you cut when you were pruning and put them in water. If you have been pruning as much as you should be, you should have plenty of tops you can use for clones. All I have ever done to clone my plants is fill up empty plastic water bottles and put the chutes in the top of the bottle, letting the leaves hold the clones in place, and the bottom of the shoot sit in the water. I take like a ton of clones, too many maybe, but you have enough. Then I put them under the light. That is all I do and some root some don’t but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. Eerntually theses will grow roots and can be placed into soil to grow as there own plants. If you cloned a male plant, it will be male, if you cloned a female, it will be a girl. This clone will have the exact same dna as the plant you took it from.


Now it is finally time to smoke that finished product. All of your work and attention will give you the best medicine on planet earth and the best buzz in the world. Congratulations and enjoy!


Hydroponics is a very wide subject. There are quiet a few different systems you can use, all can be built by hand. I highly recommend building your own system, as buying one is way over priced.

Making Hash and Oils

how to grow weed

how to grow weed

Remember all those cuttings you saved when you were trimming? Here is where those come into play. There are tons of different ways for you to make hash, many too long to explain. I will post a video of one of my favorite methods below;

I hope that this tutorial has helped you. I tried to be as in depth without going too far as I could. I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone who is brand new and wants to learn how to grow weed for the first time. Anyway, Happy Growing and please leave some comments below.

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